Reconnecting the Past

Launched in the spring of 2015, the Alberta Recycling Technology Upgrade Program is sparking great results for registered electronics processors across the province.

“The program channels funds into facility and software enhancements that support collection and processing activity,” says Ed Gugenheimer, CEO of the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA). “It’s about continuous improvement and unlocking opportunities for electronics recyclers.”


While some facilities apply with plans to enhance staff safety, improve efficiencies or reduce costs, other projects seek to invest in processes that will better protect former user information.

“Although they are outdated, we are talking about electronic devices that once served a very important purpose as the trusted keeper of private and personal details,” says Gugenheimer. “Community members need to be confident that end-of-life electronics are well managed and any remaining information is handled with care.” So far, three of the six recycling facilities in Alberta have applied for and been granted funding.


“From enhanced mobile processing to better densification of materials for transport, we are helping to support improvements across the sector,” adds Gugenheimer. “We hope all processors will make the most of this great opportunity.”